lightbitatom Universal Peer to Peer Exchange for Blockchain Industry

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    Universal Peer to Peer Exchange for Blockchain Industry
    We're a team of experts from the technology and financial industries who combined their efforts to create a multifunctional platform using the highest standards of cryptographic security.
    What to do with LBA tokens?

    The innovations we provide will be a meaningful contribution to the decentralization

    Decentralized exchange

    The next-generation platform with combined lightning network and atomic swap technologies.

    Attack and theft protection

    The trustless exchange that takes out a whole host of vulnerabilities and attack surfaces associated with digital asset custody.

    Cross functional trading

    A global marketplace for all asset classes and instruments.

    24/7 Customer support

    We have knowledgeable technical support agents standing by 24/7 to help you troubleshoot, resolve the issue and get you back to trading.

    Rapid transactions

    Cut back on conversion operations.

    100% asset control

    Safe-mode transactions available excluding hot-wallet exchange storage.
    Membership: To gain premier access to the platform, a member must have a minimum LBA balance. Higher balances will give access to premium levels of service
    Fee payment: Trading fees can be paid with LBA, at a discount to normal rates.
    Execution priority: The size of a member's LBA holdings will impact their execution priority, resulting in faster execution and lower liquidity costs.
    Discounted trading: Large LBA balances provide further discounts to trading fees.
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