DMC is Africa's answer to Ripple and Stellar

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    DMC is Africa's answer to Ripple and Stellar
    It's a new currency, with it's own blockchain and consensus, designed for mobile phone financial transactions. It works in data constrained environments and the technology is cutting edge. In fact it's better than Stellar or Ripple as it's completely peer to peer.

    DMC will be a stable coin as we target the value to remain at €0.01 per DMC.

    However we'll only be selling €2 Million of these coins, or 20% of the total to investors, in a low key private pre-sale. The rest will be used to transfer value in our inter African payments system.

    The pre-sale price is €0.001 per DMC, which is a massive 90% discount.
    Made in Africa, for Africans.Here is our telegram link,
    No KYC is required.

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