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    jeanlylove New Member - Paying HYIP - Start Online on 10/23/2016 day. Low rates daily withdrawal (2%, 2.5%, 3%), it is safe to invest long. is a low rate and pay the site every day to secure long-term durability of the site is very high (more than 360 sites could live day), pay interest of 2%, 2.5%, 3% to 5% referral. So Tekzoom will guide you invest in

    Register here:

    Features of

    - Out Date: 13h, dated 23/10/2016 (London time)

    - The site is located in London

    - Currently the site is running and the interest payment you can sign up to earn 5%

    - Accept payments through Gate 3 gate: Bitcoin, PM, PAYEER

    - Payment: 24 hours daily

    - No cost payments.

    - Minimum Investment: $ 10

    - Minimum Payment: No payment limit

    - Complete investment: No, which is included in the rate.

    - Site with SSL security, CEIA up to $ 1,750,000 and other security modes.

    The package rate of

    • 2% daily earnings $ 10-99 - 75 days - 150%

    • 2.5% of the daily rate $ 100-999 - 60 days - 150%

    • 3% of the daily rate 1000-50000 - 50 days - 150%

    Investment Guide to

    Investment Account Registration:

    To invest you click "Make Deposit", select wanted rate investment package, enter the amount you want to invest corresponding rate package you choose, click the 3 methods to send.

    + Spend Funds from perfectMoney

    + Spend Funds from Payeer

    + Spend Funds from Bitcoin

    click to "SPEND".

    You will get information to your wallet Bitwiner investment transfers.

    For example, choose from Bitcoin Spend Funds

    - Click Process

    - Choose the BTC and click "Complete Checkout" - you will get information on money transfer ckout

    - After the BTC for your transfers, the money invested in investment Bitwiner will be confirmed to the account after 10-60 minutes. Investment process to accomplish this, your task is to draw every day in interest on such your BTC.

    - Note: always potential HYIP investment risk should you consider investing in financial scope allowed and responsible for your investment decisions.

    - Registration:
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